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    Beautiful furniture        Create higher quality life

    We Cantorman Furniture(LIANXIN FURNITURE  CO LTD) mainly specialized in office chair and sofa Such as Mesh chair leather chair Visitor Chair Fabric Chair Employee Chair Sofa etc. , More than Ten years, the majority of employees in the continuous efforts and support of friends from all walks of life, the existing plant area of 10, 000 square meters, more than 150 employees. We not only have the work-shop and testing equipment, but also has a research and development, production, technology, testing, marketing, management framework, the company developed its own office chair series is based on ergonomic principles, the integration of traditional techniques. 
    Our products have been met the clients satisfactioin oversea markets with our modern designs high quality and durability. "In order to survive quality, innovation and development", innovative and pragmatic people, as always, Lianxin keeps the first-class quality, high-quality service and the health of people join hands in creating a better life, the whole company staff welcome new and old customers coming negotiations. 

    CopyRight? 2014 All Rights Reserved Guangzhou Kang Teman Furniture Co., Ltd. Tel:020-34825088 Fax:020-34825208

    Add:Shitou Industrial Estate,Nancun Town,Panyu District, Guangzhou,China Website:www.2533sy.com by gzhijing 粵ICP備14078099號

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